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James V. Patterson's book 295 days is a riveting account of his experience in the Orange County jail and the life-altering consequences of drinking and driving / DUI.
Perspective determines reality.
Jail life is no picnic! If you have ever been curious what the opprobrious reality of life on the “inside” in the Orange County jail system is like - particularly after all the media coverage of inmate mistreatment - you must read this book.
  Break the law…habitually or just a couple times…and you will lose. Violate probation and you immediately go to jail.
  Think taking that drink and driving yourself home isn’t going to hurt you? Patterson learned the hard way that a $20 cab ride is a cheaper and safer method of getting home - as opposed to risking lives, spending months in jail and paying thousands of dollars in fines.
  Patterson’s 295 days of jail time were divided between the notorious Theo Lacy facility mod cells and the James A. Musick “farm”. His book reveals the insanity - Rand McNally’s world atlas was confiscated as contraband - and boredom - oh those bologna sandwiches - and deputy harassment that goes along with being a guest of the Orange County jail
. Have you ever wondered what real-life incarceration might be like?
Read James V. Patterson’s 295 days and learn the truth about Orange County jail incarceration rather than discovering the uncomfortable truth through first-hand experience.
295 days  by James V. Patterson

Take a look inside 295 days

Published in Nov 2008
6"x9" - 240 pages

ISBN 978-1-932252-85-5

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Jail Life Is No Picnic!
Don't Drink and Drive!