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I heard about your book and have recently purchased it. I was half way through when my son, who is now 16, asked me if he could bring it to school to read during his English period. So I haven't finished the book yet, but as far as I can see I think you've come out way on top! I think its incredible that you wrote this book. I could tell my kids over and over about the perils of drinking but for them to see what you have been through carries so much more meaning. Thank you for your bravery.
Kelly Malley
The Truth About Life Behind Bars in Orange County
Have you ever wondered what life would be like behind bars? If so you should read 295 Days by James V. Patterson. His real life account of his experience within the Orange County jail system is enough to scare anyone straight. James was serving time for a drunk driving conviction and explains in detail how his life was turned upside down in jail. Everyone assumes that jail life is no picnic, but after reading this book I realized that it is considerably worse than I ever imagined.
His story echoes in the back of my mind every time I reach for a drink and it will do the same for you. Pick up this book for yourself and all the people you care about! 
Rosemary Melin, Published Writer
Jail life is no picnic!
If you have ever been curious what the opprobrious reality of life on the “inside” in the Orange County jail system is like - particularly after all the media coverage of inmate mistreatment - you must read this book. 
James V. Patterson’s 295 Days tells truth about Orange County jail incarceration through first-hand experience.
Creative Continuum, Publisher
Perspective determines reality.
Outside looking in. Inside looking out.
Have you ever wondered what real-life incarceration might be like?
Read James V. Patterson’s 295 days and learn the truth about Orange County jail incarceration rather than discovering the uncomfortable truth through first-hand experience.Anonymous
A Must Read!
295 days is a MUST READ! It's the author's riveting account of his experience in the Orange County jail and the life-altering consequences of drinking and driving (DUI). Ever thought, that a couple of drinks won't make a difference? Better think again!
A recent book discussion with the author added a chilling sense of reality to his story - a true story that should serve as a warning, but also as an inspiration to everyone.
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Jail Life Is No Picnic!
Don't Drink and Drive!